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Convert Google Docs to Website

Effortless, Fast, Beautiful, and Free. No programming required, no hosting costs or hidden fees, use the tools you already know and love.

To get started, sign-in with Google using the button below. Make sure to provide access to Drive and Docs during the sign-in process.

How It Works

Three-step process to convert Google Docs to websites effortlessly:

Step 1: Authorize Google Access

Provide read-only access to your account to scan your documents. Notice we don't keep this access and don't use it for any other purpose!

Step 2: Select Documents and Theme

Select your documents from Google Docs and define a theme for the website.

Step 3: Save to GitHub

Generate the new site into GitHub for unlimited free hosting. With that the Google Docs to HTML conversion is complete. Important: you need a free GitHub account for this to work. You can sign up for GitHub here.

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Top Benefits

Benefits of gdocweb to seamlessly convert your Google Docs into websites hosted on GitHub:

Power, Reliability, Performance of Google & Microsoft

Utilize GitHub's enterprise-grade hosting at no cost (GitHub is owned by Microsoft). Assign a domain and monetize your site without any additional fees. Experience reliable, high-availability hosting with GitHub, backed by Microsoft's robust infrastructure.

Easy to Use

gdocweb isn't the first tool that lets you build a website with no programming skills. However, most (all) such tools bind you to their hosting services and process. Free tools such as GitHub typically require basic programming skills or at least markdown experience. With gdocweb you can use the power of programmer oriented tooling, without the required effort.

Complete Ownership

Enjoy full data ownership with gdocweb. Once your site is generated, it's entirely yours, with no tracking or access from us. You can instantly remove all data stored on the site by clicking this link.


The following templates provide inspiration and documents you can copy. Every page in a template has a link to the Google Document that generated it, to use it open the document and make a copy to your own Google account.


Collaborative documentation can be both beautiful and easy to compose thanks to gdocweb.



We run our own blog using gdocweb and Google Docs. Notice that we use a custom domain for the blog...


Startup Single Page

Combines multiple documents to a startup style single page website with multiple sections.


Vacation Photos

Share an experience, vacation, wedding, etc.



Publish your resume and personal information easily.



Share recipes and tutorials easily right from Google Docs.


What do people say about gdocweb?

"gdocweb has transformed the way I create websites. It's simple, efficient, and incredibly powerful. A real game-changer in web development!"

Carl, NM

"I was amazed at how quickly I could go from a Google Doc to a fully functional website. The hosting on GitHub is seamless and reliable."

Kevin, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions about gdocweb:

How does gdocweb work?


gdocweb turns your Google Docs into professional websites with just a few clicks. Simply select your documents, choose a theme, and publish to GitHub.

Is gdocweb free to use?


Yes, gdocweb is completely free. We leverage GitHub's hosting to provide a no-cost solution.

What data does gdocweb store?


Data isn't sent to 3rd parties. We only store information connecting your account details to the generated website settings. You can easily remove all your data and recreate the account at a later time if you wish by following remove all data stored on the site by clicking this link.

Can I remove the "created by gdocweb" text?


Yes. You can do that by editing the resulting HTML which is 100% legal. We will probably provide a pro version in the near future which will make that process simpler.

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