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Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions about gdocweb:

How does gdocweb work?


gdocweb turns your Google Docs into professional websites with just a few clicks. Simply select your documents, choose a theme, and publish to GitHub.

Is gdocweb free to use?


Yes, gdocweb is completely free. We leverage GitHub's hosting to provide a no-cost solution.

Can I remove the "created by gdocweb" text?


Yes. You can do that by editing the resulting HTML which is 100% legal. We will probably provide a pro version in the near future which will make that process simpler.

Is my HTML visible in GitHub?


Yes. At the moment we only support generating public repositories. We plan to launch support for private repositories as part of a future paid plan.

Can I use my own domain e.g.


Sure. GitHub supports it for free. You would need to purchase the domain but the rest is still free!
You can read the instructions from GitHub here.

Are there features in Google Docs that Aren't Supported?


Yes. Some features aren't there yet or aren't as refined. Some features are deeply tied to page based editing and can't be supported. Specially features like columns can't be supported for web pages.

Images overlap with the next paragraph, is there anything I can do?


Yes: add a break using The Insert -> Break menu option after the image. This will clear the space between the end of the image and the next paragraph.
These things happen since the document has a fixed width but the website can be wider or narrower.

Can I just link anywhere from the documents?


Yes, but there are some things you need to know. Regular HTTPS links should work seamlessly. Links to the site should also work. When linking from one document to another the link would be translated to a local website link assuming the target document is a part of the website. If not the link will remain a Google Docs link.
There's one special case. Links from the document to itself will remain as Google Docs links. The logic is that a document might want to provide a way to edit or see the original source document.

I just want to regenerate the site without going through all the steps, is that possible?


Yes. If you don't want to change any selection and just want to re-run the generation code to fetch document updates you can click this link. After authentication, the site will be regenerated as if you walked through the wizard.